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In an industry where technology is adopted quickly and user experience is the name of the game, we offer multidisciplinary experience in many high-impact tech projects across Latin America.


In the financial market, business revolves around technology. That’s why this industry is one of
the fastest adopters of new innovations,in an endless effort to optimize the user experience without compromising on fraud prevention, errors, and information security.

For over 20 years, our top-notch multidisciplinary teams have been working in the Ibero-American market, providing technical, business, and other types of support. ​We specialize in incorporating new technologies and implementing high-impact organizational projects. To do this, we bring together several different specialties in order to minimize risk, including tech and business consulting, project management, quality assurance, and organizational change management, among others.


Leaving anonymity behind


Rapipago offers a solution that combines big data and data science technology to identify frequent customers.


Successfully implemented projects

Regional companies served

Practia experts in fields like business, IT, project management, quality and organizational change


These are a few of the projects we’ve implemented in the region in the financial industry.​

We’ve been working with the Santander Group for more than a decade on a range of projects in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, including implementation, development, quality, management, BPM, and regulatory compliance, among others.

We worked with Banco Credicoop of Argentina to ensure quality and manage organizational changes during the implementation of their new core system.

In one of our projects with local banks, our consulting team worked with Banco Formosa to adapt and optimize their processes and methodologies, in order to improve operations as well as customer service.

Others companies that we serve in the region

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