Business Process Management

With 20 years of experience, we specialize in research, management, and improvement of business and IT processes.

A holistic and integral vision

Whether it’s about reaching operational excellence, complying with national and international regulations, or obtaining any type of certification, maintaining a process-oriented mindset is critical.

Here at Practia, we have a holistic and integral vision for these types of projects. Our methodology considers all the different aspects of a business, including IT, people, and processes, allowing for a smooth transition to this new style of management.


We work alongside our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of BPM projects. These steps includes as-is-assessments; definition of future processes; identifying, weighing, and priorizing areas for improvement; turing these into targeted projects; and designing and managing process governance. We transform process modeling from just an exercise in documentation into a management tool with great visibility and value in the organizacion.


As part of the improvement process, we apply Lean Methodology and its tools, allowing us to design more efficient organizations and increase response speed by reducing waste, costs, and time.


  • BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation)
  • EPC (Event-driven Process Chain)
  • Leading process modelling platforms in the market

We are experts in the top process notation methodologies in the industry, including:




ICBC Argentina underwent a restructuring project in order to capitalize on new opportunities in the national context. We helped them leverage their strengths and pinpoint weaknesses in order to take on this challenging process.

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